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Although dissertations are large and complex, we still stand on the basis that prices remain affordable for all our services! Still, the assistance of a Ph.D. from the USA or the UK won’t cost $5. Thus, we try to maintain adequate pricing and offer discounts.

Why Choose Our Writing Help?

  1. Scrupulous assistance of Ph.D.’s.: Our writing helpers and editors know how hard it is to meet the goal of writing a brilliant dissertation. And they know how to make this piece of work meet all the academic standards. With the help of our dissertation writing service, your dissertation will be a valuable addition to the world of science.
  2. Writers with doctoral degrees: All the employees of our service have handed us documents that state their educational level. Out of 393 writers we have, 393 are Ph.D.’s in different fields.
  3. Precise time management: With our help, you can forget about putting your career or other significant things on a break. While we do the time-consuming research, you can use this time for things that matter more.
  4. Expert materials for any case: We have formed a rich library that has a huge number of scientific materials to back your thesis up. Our stock has everything to provide profound support for your main idea in any field of study.
  5. Flawless literacy: Style, tone, format, grammar, and punctuation in your dissertation will be impeccable. Those things are the most important for our professional writing assistants.
  6. Brilliant and unique results: Every dissertation from us is bases on ingenious, individual, and well-grounded materials. The symbiosis of your main idea and our professional help will become a fundamentally new scientific work. We guarantee 100% originality.

Ordering Process: How To Get The Best Dissertation?

Follow three effortless steps to make the best of our custom dissertation writing service!


Tell us what you need

Fill in the form on the website and specify what your goal is. We need as many details as possible to make your dissertation startle even the strictest adherents of science.


Meet your assistant

Communicate with your assistant directly and supervise their work, if needed! You can text them anytime and check how the process is going.


Get your dissertation

Your 100% done and formatted dissertation will appear in your email box. Don’t worry, it will be there right on time or 1-3 days earlier.

Who Will Write The Dissertation?

We hire only those who can prove their academic title. Thus, whoever your assistant is, they have already written at least 3 dissertations. Moreover, they’ve written more than 10 scientific articles according to their specialization. 

We guarantee that there are no amateurs in our dissertation writing service. Our professional academic helpers have undergone all the complexities of becoming degreed experts. Now their main goal is to help you enrich the scientific heritage of the USA and the UK. To do this, they will use the maximum of their academic experience, real-event knowledge, and writing mastery. 

Our structure divides our specialists into teams. There is a team of Ph.D.’s specifically, also teams of DBA’s, EdD’s, DArch’s, a growing department of DD’s, and others. If you can take a look at their employment history, you’d see that they have worked 2 or more years in their field. And they still continue to build on experience and new knowledge. Being a part of our enterprise means having to sit planned tests and knowledge assessments.

We guarantee that there are at least 4 candidates for writing a dissertation on your topic. You can choose your helper or let us choose them for you. Yet, in any event, your assistant will do their best to make your dissertation professional and worthy of its place in the world of science. 

Benefits For You:

☑️ Anonymity guaranteed

We assure, your writer won’t be able to know that you have become a Ph.D. too. The thing is, they even won’t know your name. And every piece of information we get from you will stay safe in our database with an up-to-date security system before we erase it. So, you will be and will remain anonymous after getting your Ph.D.

☑️ 0% of stolen content

We write from scratch using a selection of profound materials to back your thesis up. If there is a piece of information from extra resources, then we do proper citations. In the end, every dissertation is unique and has great value as an addition to the scientific heritage of the USA or the UK

☑️ Support 24/7

Text us whenever and get a response in 5 minutes. On average, our clients have to wait 18 seconds to get a response from our operator.

☑️ Always ready to help

Whenever you need assistance, we will be here. Even if you realized that you have to start working during the Christmas holidays, we’ll answer your call for help. Our custom dissertation writing service works 24/7 without day-offs.

☑️ Swift research

Our swiftness in research never compromises the high quality though. We can write your dissertation in a short time, but we recommend ordering in advance to have steady nerves.

☑️ Free revisions

If there is something wrong with your research, don’t accept it. Tell us about the issue and we’ll accumulate our energy to turn this situation for the better.




Amidst others my acquaintances tried, this is a really cheap dissertation writing service. Fine prices, good research materials. Highly recommended.

Aysha Cortez

Nov 17, 2021


Thank you, a lot! 5 stars.

Liam Duncan

High school student
Nov 17, 2021


My topic was a nightmare. Writing this thing was even worse. I absolutely hate the moment when I decided to become a Ph.D. Still, these services made the situation better. Please, if you don’t want a Ph.D. for YOURSELF, do not spend your precious time on it. And if you’ve already made my mistake, th…

Gavin Ratcliffe

Graduate student
Nov 17, 2021

Highly recommended

Highly recommended for those who have great ideas and lack time. I used these services only for editing and my dissertation turned out great. So, if you’ve done the majority of work, a little refinement from experts of this platform will do only good.

Debra Snow

Graduate student
Nov 17, 2021


I used several writing services for assignments/essays but I was afraid it wouldn’t work with a dissertation. Well, it worked, and now I’m a DSocSci. Actually, getting the title wasn’t as satisfactory as I expected. But these services are 100% satisfactory.

Willow Mccartney

Nov 17, 2021


This is the first online dissertation writing service that assists future Doctors of Divinity. I expected to never find one. God forgive me, but I couldn’t do it by myself. So… I noticed one small typo but it wasn’t a big deal, everything else was at its finest. Seems like no matter how Our Fa…

Dustin Wells

Nov 17, 2021


Are all your writers Ph.D.’s?

Yes, every one of them is a Ph.D. or has another title with an equal academic level. We hire only those who can state their academic level with a proper document.

Do you provide editing and proofreading services?

Yes, we do! And those services are cheaper than writing from scratch. If you need this kind of service, note it in your order, and your dissertation will immediately go to the editing department.

How do you test your employees?

Our dissertation assistants have to go through our assessment twice a year. It means they sit various tests to prove their literacy, time management effectiveness, and so on. They have to score at least 93 out of 105 points to continue working in our enterprise.

Can I get a discount?

We’ve done everything to make our services affordable. Yet, if you need assistance for cheap, there is always a possibility for a discount. Contact our support for more details.

How many employees do you have?

Currently, our team consists of 393 writers and 105 editors. It’s far from equal but editing services are not as popular as writing services.

Where are your employees from?

Mostly, they are from the USA. We also have a department in the UK. There is a small number of assistants from other countries, still, they’ve lived in the USA for more than 9 years. Of course, even non-native assistants are fluent in English, which they’ve proven with proper certificates. And there are no exceptions in terms of degrees.

When should I place an order?

You can place it whenever. Please note that we can’t compile your dissertation from pre-prepared or another’s materials. That means you have to place an order considering your deadline.

What if my dissertation helper is uncollaborative?

Please tell us immediately. You can contact our support anytime, and we’ll hear you out even in the dead of night. We’ll do our best to adjust or rearrange the whole process to make you 100% satisfied.